Girls varsity soccer wins over Grand Haven 4-1

Taking on the Grand Haven Buccaneers, the FHC girls varsity soccer team was expecting a tough battle between the two schools. Instead, the Rangers were able to tromp them with a score of 4-1, securing their fourth straight win in the past two weeks.

The Rangers came out strong scoring four quick goals to put them ahead 4-0 and the first half. The scorers for the Rangers were seniors Jessie Borowsky and Rylee Hrnyak, and junior Ashley Ward who scored two goals for the Rangers. Other key players of the night were senior forward Ali Czarnecki who continuously brought the ball up the field and senior midfielder Hannah Bowling who took many possessions for FHC. 

The Rangers play again on May 9, at Forest Hills Northern against the Huskies at 5. FHC’s current record is 9-1 and they are hoping to pick up another win tonight against their cross-town rivals.