Novo Amor’s latest song, “State Lines,” is just another example of his unique style

Novo Amor's latest song,

A year ago I was impoverished, musically speaking. I existed in a short-sighted world in which only one type of music reigned. I didn’t even know other types of music existed. However, this past year, with a lot of help, I went on a musical journey. Transforming from a musically poor caterpillar to a musically rich butterfly. I discovered folk music was a thing. And it just so happens that I LOVE it. During a rough week, a friend dragged me, quite reluctantly, into the world of reggae to help me realize it’s my sad-day-go-to music.

But perhaps my biggest revelation this past year is that I’m most drawn to the simpler music. I find beauty and peace in the music that seems almost like waves lapping on a beach– so beautiful, yet so simple.

If you’re like me and have an affinity for music like water, you’ll love Novo Amor’s latest song, “State Lines.” As is typical with Novo Amor music, I’m both intrigued and lulled almost to sleep. It’s not necessarily a happy song, nor is it necessarily a sad song. With its slightly blurred lyrics, it soothes while still being fitting for a multitude of feelings and occasions. If you want, you can simply let the music fill you while you go about doing other things. But if you sit and listen closely, you’ll find depth and a story.

Following his typical style, “State Lines” has a slower start with layers slowly building on. First just a soft ring. Then a guitar strumming. Then comes in Novo Amor’s soft, soothing, unique voice. What stuck out to me most was how that voice made most of the lyrics just barely distinguishable except for one repeated line: “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.”

I was only recently introduced to Novo Amor’s music. But for me, it was an instant hit. Unlike the music I used to know, Novo Amor’s music is versatile while simple. And most importantly, it makes you feel things– which I’m learning is one of the most important things about music.