Girls varsity lacrosse throttles Hudsonville 31-0

Tommy Spaletto

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Logan Thompson

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   This past Friday, the Forest Hills varsity girls lacrosse team defeated Hudsonville by a whopping score of 31-0. FHC senior Kelli Bailey continued to tear it up on offense, while FHE junior Erin Kloostra played lockdown defense to complete the team’s second shutout of the season. This win is huge for Forest Hills, as they now move on to the next round in playoffs and move one step closer to their goal: winning a state championship.

     Forest Hills came out with a purpose on offense and simply outplayed the Eagles in every aspect of the game. Kelli and other FHC senior Lynsey Davison helped the FH offense complete their highest point total of the year. Not only was the offense key to victory, the defense was just as important. This was the second time that the team held their opponent to zero goals, thanks to Molly and Erin.

     The next round of playoffs will be challenging for Forest Hills, but if they play the same way they did Friday, they will be sure to defeat their next opponent Wednesday night in Rockford. FH has also been playing very good team lacrosse, and they will need to keep that up if they want to win.