The new General Store brings a pop of history back to Ada


After hearing the news about a new store coming to Ada, I was instantly excited. While Ada has been getting a makeover, a general store has opened up where a flower store once stood.

Just like how it sounds, the Ada Village General Store is a store full of odd objects, ice cream, and candy to satisfy your cravings. Matching the historic town of Ada, the store greets visitors with an uplifting, in-style twist on the old one-room schoolhouse. On the whole, this building radiates exactly what Ada needs: beautiful simplicity. While not being too modern or too outdated, the building adds something special to the line of all-too-similar stores across the street. 

Once inside the relatively quaint store, a friendly staff member said the typical hello and offered help. The store was comically similar to the stereotypical, old-fashioned candy store, where children are drooling over the lines of candy-filled shelves, while parents watch them dutifully. Just the simplicity of it was comforting, and I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace. Ice cream on the left, candy on the right, and odd objects in the back. They’re all just what I needed.

After I finished perusing the wooden boxes of items over the shoulders of excited kids, I stumbled upon my favorite candy: gummy hamburgers. Not only were there gummy hamburgers but also a variety of other foods portrayed as gummy candies. In addition to their candy variety, I realized that the store also offered excellent prices for their goods. After reading the labels on the box, I determined that I could fill a bag for a set price. For most of the candies, there was an option of a $2 small bag or $4 larger bag; however, in my opinion, the “large” bag is bigger than the small but still not very big. Certain “small” candies are available for this bag deal, so I filled up my “large” bag with caramels and gummies just like a kid in a candy store.

After wandering to the back of the store clutching my prized possession, my eyes stuck like glue to the sweet sight before my eyes: ice cream.

The flavors ranged in a random variety of flavors and names, like This $&@! Just Got Serious, Loaded French Toast, and Carrot Mango Italian Ice. Adventurously, I decided on the Carrot Mango Italian Ice. While I was nervous to see if the carrot was apparent in the flavor, I was pleasantly surprised at the overall taste: smooth mango mixture with the slightest hint of carrot. The epitome of a mango-fruit concoction coated my tongue, and my taste buds rejoiced. Neither chunky nor too runny, the perfectly level texture sat well with me. Shocked at how good it was for just $3, I scarfed down the decently-sized cup in mere minutes while I soaked in the sun outside.

Nestled into the perfect tree-line and built along the river, the Ada Village General Store is an essential scenic place to visit. With such amazing prices for quite the loot of food, I know I’ll be returning soon to try more of what the store has to offer.

The atmosphere, nostalgic candy aisles, and delicious candy will definitely keep me coming back to the one-of-a-kind Ada Village General Store.