Introducing 2018-19 Editors’ Column: Inside Out


As the new school year unfolds, The Central Trend is coming off of a blowout year. Our website underwent a complete redesign, covered every single sport at every single level, posted over fifty times weekly, won over a dozen awards from the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, and smashed our goal of 100,000 views by March.

But above all the success, what we’re most proud of is our role in telling stories. We have been privileged with the platform to tell the stories of countless members of our FHC community, and we’re honored to do so.

Moreover, we have been able to cover stories beyond the walls of FHC. Last year, I published a biweekly editor’s column, known as “Popping the Bubble,” that supplied a clear recap of the past two week’s headlines and news. In addition, our staff has always enjoyed offering their opinion on real-world issues and events.

In light of our appreciation for storytelling, we wanted to continue to provide holistic news coverage. As such, the editors of The Central Trend are pleased to introduce a weekly column, known as “Inside Out.”

Every Saturday, we will be publishing a new edition to “Inside Out,” in which Nisha, Susannah, and I will respectively cover the affairs and events inside The Central Trend room, inside FHC, and outside FHC.

Thus, next week Nisha will officially begin the series with a TCT update. Decked with blue walls, cozy chairs, and Christmas lights, Room 140 is no ordinary classroom. And within our room, there is always something happening– meetings, interviews, visits from other schools, the works. So, every three weeks, Nisha will be providing an update on the happenings of our cozy classroom and the people within it.

Susannah will then be the voice for whatever lies outside our classroom. Topics ranging from school events to extra-curriculars will all be under Susannah’s jurisdiction. Of course, the rest of our staff will be covering FHC’s news and individuals like usual, but Susannah will report from an inside perspective, giving our readers an in-depth view into student life at FHC.

Lastly, I will be in charge of writing about topics outside of FHC’s walls. Much like “Popping the Bubble,” my tri-weekly contribution to “Inside Out” will be a news recap of our world’s current events.

In short, “Inside Out” is our way of continuing to improve the span of The Central Trend’s content and engaging more deeply with our readers. From the controlled chaos of the beloved room that we call home, to tales of our school and the people within it, to the innumerable happenings of the world, we have so many stories to tell — and we can’t wait to get started.