Player Profile: Gavin O’Meara

Player Profile: Gavin OMeara

Name: Gavin O’Meara

Grade: 9

Sport: Soccer

Position: Left Defense

How is the team doing so far?

“I think that the team is doing pretty well so far. We could be doing better, but overall I’m pretty happy with how we have played so far.”

What is your favorite part about the sport?

“My favorite part about this sport is how fast everything happens. Most of the time for an ADHD kid like me it is hard to focus on something because it is just so slow and there is not enough going on. In soccer, so much is happening at once; that it is a paradise for someone who needs a lot to think about.”

Who has been a key part on the team thus far?

“A few key players on the team are Matthew Mahoney, Joe Robertson, and Ben Taylor. Matthew has been amazing since day one. He is a captain on the team, and he has been a leader on and off the field. He knows exactly what will happen the entire time on defense, and when we have the ball he always seems to be in the right place. Joe is leading the team in goals right now. He is a forward and is constantly making a run towards the goal. He places the ball in the corner of the net every time he shoots and never gives up on a play. Ben is a captain on the team as well. He passes super well, and is often back on defense first.”

What is the best part about the high school over the middle school?

“My favorite part of high school is either the student section at the football games, or all of the freedom that you get during school.”

What is the team’s main goal for the season?

“To be number one in our conference.”