JV football preview: Forest Hills Northern Huskies

Matthew Mahoney

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January 20, 2021
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November 30, 2020

Coming off a tough loss to the Grandville Bulldogs, the JV football team is looking for revenge on Thursday night by way of defeating its arch-rival, the Forest Hills Northern Huskies. The past three games could have gone much better for the Rangers, who come in with a record of 0-3. This game will be a big test for the team and will allow the Rangers to show what they can truly accomplish this season as they enter conference play.

Last year when these two teams faced off, the game resulted in a 36-21 win for the Huskies. However, the Rangers will be looking to finally get that win they felt they deserved last year. Although the scoreboard may not show it, the game was closer than it seemed last season, as the Ranger offense was driving to the end zone only down a touchdown with time ticking down, only to throw an interception which led to a Husky pick-six with a minute left in the game.

The defense will be looking to stop the Huskies’ strong pass play by getting pressure on the quarterback quickly and knowing what to do in the secondary. Another big thing that they have worked on this week in practice is tackling better. Missed tackles have led to extra yardage many times throughout the first three games, so the Rangers are looking to eliminate that. Besides that, the team is looking to know their assignments and stay with their man.

In order to win this week, the team will be looking to finish off drives and, most importantly, the game. Too many times in the early games the team failed to capitalize on opportunities. The Rangers will be looking to get off to a quick start by finding the end zone and getting stops. Winning this game would be huge for the team’s confidence and would also get the Rangers off to a strong start in conference play.