Girls JV field hockey takes an 8-0 loss to Ann Arbor Pioneers


On Wednesday, the girls JV field hockey team took on the Ann Arbor Pioneers here FH’s home turf. The team took a bit of a beating, losing to the girls of Ann Arbor by a score of 8-0. Working against a tough team, the Rangers struggled to push a single point across and finished by being shutout. 

The team’s defense struggled against the solid offense of the Pioneers and unfortunately, didn’t have much to work with throughout the game to give up a total of 8 points. Heading into halftime the score was already set at 6-0 in favor of the Pioneers. The girls’ offense couldn’t work much and FH struggled to get the ball to the other side of the field. Junior Megan Raisch was the strongest of the offense, having some strong drives down the field but always coming up just short.

After another tough loss for the girls, their record stands at 1-5-1. The next game for the team will be Saturday, September 14 at home against Ann Arbor’s other team, the Skyline.