Girls JV volleyball slams Cedar Springs 2-0


Last year the girls JV volleyball team beat Cedar Springs 25-9 in both sets. This year, FHC looked unified as a team and truly came together and played as a unit. With the Rangers working together, they were hard to beat and the Red Hawks fell short in both sets 25-14 and 25-9.  

Freshman Remmie Ingraham was a key spiker in this game. She would spike the ball with a tremendous amount of strength and the Red Hawks could not return the ball. Along with Remmie, sophomores Lilly Vanskiver and Cora Kelly had unstoppable hits. Sophomore Rachel Toole had a great save in the last set that helped keep the score gap large. From there, FHC continued to dominate throughout the match. Cedar Springs could not return FHCs hits and the Rangers kept on blocking the opponent’s hits. The team had great communication, which led to the Rangers keeping Cedar Springs under 10 points in each set.  There was also a lot of teamwork shown throughout the game, and the points came from the Rangers’ new plays rather than from Red Hawk errors.

This win puts the Rangers’ OK White Conference record at 2-1, with their only loss coming to the Huskies. The Rangers will be facing off against Ottawa Hills on Thursday. In the previous season, FHC beat the Bengals 25-7 and 25-8 and the Rangers look to do the same this year.