FH varsity field hockey goes 1-1 in double header


Yesterday, the Forest Hills varsity field hockey team took on both Huron high school and Chelsea high school on the road at Chelsea. The first game was against the Ann Arbor team, Huron. The teams from the east side of the state are notorious for winning States, and this specific Ann Arbor team won States for Division 1 last year.

This first game against Huron was tough for FH. The Huron offense blew past FH’s defense for a tough 5-0 loss. Although this was a loss for Forest Hills, they did play exceptionally well considering they were playing against the toughest team they would play all season.

The second game against Chelsea went much better for FH, as they won 1-0. Notable players were FHE senior Rain Tarango and FHC senior Madisyn Bunke. Rain tipped in a pass from Madisyn and scored the only goal for FH, giving them the win.

The FH varsity field hockey team will play next at home on September 29. The team isn’t out of the running for States yet, as they still have a few more games to prove themselves in.