Greenhouse Week 3 (Sept. 17-21)

2nd hour (Susannah Bennett)

The past week in the greenhouse was so much fun and the most exciting one so far! We started transplanting the sprouts that were inside into the greenhouse, and it was interesting to strategically be planting them in the boxes. Each different type of plant needs a certain amount of water and space, so figuring all of that out while planting was new for me. We also made use of this funky-looking tool that helped to loosen up the soil after we watered and before we planted, and it’s pretty similar to a mini hand plow. After the watering and tilling of the soil, we dug little holes where we could place the sprouts into from inside, transferring both seed and soil over. The two plants I was able to plant last week were sugar snap peas and various radish types. Throughout the week, I continued to water the plants, both inside and outside, which I always enjoy.

I also continued reading the Omnivore’s Dilemma during my hour, and it is a surprisingly interesting read about the “eating disorder” that our current society faces. Once I get farther into it, I’ll definitely have more to say about it, but so far, I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

5th hour (Kara Bolger, Maria Finelli, and Maddy Williams)

It was a shortened week last week because of the senior retreat, but we still got a lot done. We collected the compost and dumped it in bin number 4 outside the greenhouse. We also emptied the Paper Gator bins. The 5th-hour gals began planting this week, and we planted radishes in box B1 and a little bit in box B2.

While we were planting, we listened to part of a podcast called, “The Plants We Eat”. The podcast we heard provided us with more information on the nutritional value, background and fun facts about corn. We learned that corn is the most manipulated crop in the world, and there are various techniques and ways to go about the process. Corn is used for so many things, so there is a very high demand. Corn can also thrive in many climates so it is desirable all around the world. If you are interested in learning more about corn, the podcast we listened to is available on iTunes.

With love and sunshine,

Maddy, Maria, and Kara

6th hour (Olivia Bunnell)

This week, we began transplanting our flats of vegetables into the boxes in the greenhouse! The peas that were planted directly into the boxes have sprouted already, and now we’re just waiting on the ones we moved to grow. Along with the snap peas, I also planted radishes, spinach, and lettuce. There are still some flats of vegetables inside under the lights, but some of them were burnt because the light was too strong and too close to them. Mr. Scholten and I are hoping that they come back! If not, those will have to wait until the next round to be grown once more.

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