Rainbow Kitten Surpise: An Indie, Alernative Gem

February 2, 2016

Humming the same beat consistently, with occasional foot thumps till the song is in engraved in the body. Oozing with genuine lyrics. Raw, pure emotions swell the listener’s mind. Goosebumps load upon the entire body as high notes are hit in precise, exquisite beats. The only cause of such distress one person can feel is from the indie, alternative album Seven by Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS).

It all began in an old, smug dorm room on the campus of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Formed in 2013 with only two members composing and writing music, RKS soon turned into a full band with a unique sound and style.

RKS sounds nothing like their name or like anything heard before. They hold true to the idea of the unexpected; they’re a hidden gem beneath their name. It’s as if RKS is purposely weeding out people to see if they will take the chance to listen to their music. Everyone is thrown off by their name. Whenever I tell a friend, the automatic reaction is to laugh until they realize I’m actually serious. Usually, they cannot help but not take me seriously, but I continue to nag them until they hear RKS’s few hits, which change their whole perspective on the band.

On Seven, “First Class” features catchy and deeply lyrical meaning, beautifully designed bass lines, and melodic guitar riffs. It is simply like nothing before heard. “Devil Like Me” continues the acoustic rhythm with a steady beat which builds up momentum as the song continues, accompanied by an alternative beat blending with the indie strums of a guitar string, a reflection of RKS’s one-of-a-kind sound. The amount of meaningful lyrics full of emotions these songs hold goes unseen in today’s industry. The fact that RKS is so unknown blows my mind; it is an immense amount of talent going unnoticed.

RKS, a gem in the indie and alternative music industry, explicitly reflects on life’s true obstacles and issues by pouring it all into the lyrics, beat, and bass. Rainbow Kitten Surprise is a mirror representative of how people do “judge books by their cover” and how they get in the way of the true beauty underneath.

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