FHC Powderpuff game ends in controversial senior win


On the night of September 24, 2018, the FHC juniors took on the FHC seniors at Ranger Memorial Field. The game started out at a pretty slow pace, right up until the eventful overtime ending.

“That last play was pretty special,” said senior Molly Donovan in the midst of all the excitement. “I just saw the ball in the air, went to grab it, and ran as fast as I could.”

The play previously spoken about was the last play of the game and ended with some controversy.

In overtime, the juniors had the ball for the last play of the game. Junior quarterback Ally Ringler threw the ball up, where Molly came down with the interception and 95-yard rush to change the atmosphere and energy of the game. This play was controversial, as many believe Molly finished in the end zone before her flag came off, but the refs on the field called her down short of the goal line. In the end, the refs called the final score 14-14 as a tie, but after debate, administrators deemed it a 21-14 victory in favor of the seniors.

Earlier in the game, many other players stood out leading into this exciting finale. In the first quarter, senior Ashley Ward scored a touchdown from 20 yards out at the end of the first quarter. Heading into the second half the score was 7-7 after a junior touchdown tied it up. In the middle of the third quarter, senior Stephanie Currie scored a touchdown to give the seniors the upper hand once again. For the final points in regulation, junior Jordan Helmbrecht pushed across the goal line for another touchdown to even things up on the scoreboard.

Although the competition puts the juniors against the seniors, Powderpuff opens up homecoming week here at FHC and is meant to bring all four classes together. Having everyone together and school-wide participation is a main goal of this eventful week.

“We had a great turnout by the senior class and everyone,” senior coach Noah Stout said.

Turnout from the fans was pretty large in numbers, but participation among the girls on the field in both grades was also very strong.

“We did a really good job this year of getting everyone in and playing,” Noah said. “Getting subs in was a big part.”

Coaches including Noah were proud of the team’s participation in the game and the Lady Rangers’ skills and performance on the field.

“For offense, we got a couple big touchdowns on the board, including that last defensive touchdown to win the game,” Noah said about the controversial finale. “On defense, we had a couple big stops late in the game. All around I’m very happy with this senior class.”

On the junior side of the ball, attitudes were very similar despite not being sure of the official final score.

“I think the game went well, we didn’t get blown out like they said they were going to,” junior coach Brandon Weiskopf said. “They were talking a lot of trash, but we rallied up, we tied it up when we needed to, and we got a lot of people playing.”

Along with Brandon on the sideline was junior coach Hayden Sarjeant, who was impressed with players on both sides of the field.

“It was a good game from both teams and I think that’s shown by the final score,” Hayden said. “There is a lot of nice girls on this team and I think this is a good way for them to all come together to meet each other and work well together.”

At the end of the day, powderpuff is all about coming together and showing our strength as a school both together and individually.

“[Powderpuff] is definitely a great time,” Hayden said. “It’s a good thing for the community to get together, and really for all of us to be here together.”