Sheshco Grill is the perfect stop for delectable Mediterranean dishes

Sheshco Grill is the perfect stop for delectable Mediterranean dishes

Zesty tangs, aromatic savor, and rich, luscious flavor. Mediterranean food will forever have my heart with these elements at its core.

Sheshco Mediterranean Grill embodied these components of Mediterranean cuisine in every way, and these distinct flavors echoed through every bite.

Walking into the restaurant, my family and I were surprised by how packed it was on a rainy Saturday afternoon. However, we were promptly seated and given a menu. Sheshco offers a wide variety of food, from traditional options such as chicken and lamb shawarma and kebabs, to sandwiches and pita wraps. Whether it’s your first visit or hundredth experience with Mediterranean food, there will be something appetizing on the menu.

After settling on a wide variety of dishes to sample, I began to take in the airy interior. With simple, traditional Arabic decorations spotted around the room, it’s clear that the staff takes pride in the culture and art associated with their cuisine. We were promptly given puffy bread and a garlic spread as a free appetizer; I would make the trek back out to Knapp’s Corner just for this unexpected delight.

Sheshco’s emphasis, as presented on their menu, is on “health and flavor.” At a nearby table, a staff member explained to a customer Mediterranean cuisine’s notoriety for overall good health worldwide. The restaurant strives to use wholesome ingredients and nutritious choices to provide well-balanced dishes that customers can feel good about eating.

Once the food arrived, however, I learned that this dedication to health in no way impacts the quality of the food. My side Greek salad was incredibly fresh and tasted as if its ingredients were delivered straight from the Adriatic Sea. I only finished half of my pita, and I found myself continuing to crave Sheshco’s palatable platters throughout the day. The perfectly seasoned meat complemented the toasted pita bread and delectably tangy garlic spread, culminating with the delicious kebab dish.

While the service was slightly slow, this was understandable because of how busy the restaurant was that day. The waiters were slightly reserved, but this in no way detracted from the quality of our experience. Sheshco offers substantial combos, and for the large amount of food I was given, the price was more than worth it.

With reasonable prices and hefty portions, Sheshco has become my new favorite destination for a quick bite or even for takeaway. I was left extremely satisfied with the delicious food presented yet still feeling like I ate a healthy meal.

For this reason, this airy eatery has become a new favorite for fulfilling my Mediterranean food cravings.