JV Soccer wins 4-1 over Cedar Springs


Last night the JV soccer team won at home against Cedar Springs 4-1. The Ranger offense looked very strong against the Cedar Springs defense, which undoubtedly led to the victory.

The first half was rather impressive on the offensive side for FHC. It all began with some great freshman chemistry, as a breakaway pass from freshman Ben Taylor and a beautiful shot from freshman Joe Robertson created a boost of momentum for the team. The goal really created some energy for the team, leading to another goal by sophomore Matthew Mahoney from 27 yards. Matthew has been an essential player for the team, and he has been the go-to person for free kicks, as this goal came on a free kick that curved to the corner of the net and went bar down just past the goalie.

The third goal was created by another counter attack, capped off by sophomore Mason Corcoran. Mason has been another key player, who not only creates opportunities for the team but also finishes shots as well. Shortly before the whistle signaling half time, a corner kick was set in place. The ball was sent into Matthew, who immediately sent it into the back of the net.

The Rangers ended with the win, however the lack of effort in the second half showed in the stats. FHC created multiple opportunities, but could never finish the ball, whereas the Red Hawks scored 1 goal.

Once the final whistle was blown, FHC officially grew their winning record to 7-5-1, and their conference record to 7-1-1. The team’s next game is against Portage Christian at home on Saturday, September 29.