Player Profile: George Cobb

Matthew Mahoney

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January 20, 2021
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November 30, 2020

Name: George Cobb

Grade: 10

Sport: JV Football

Position: Wide Receiver/Cornerback

How has the season gone so far?

“The season is definitely not living up to our expectations. We need to work hard in practice so we can win some games.”

What is the best part about being on the team?

“The best part about being on the team is just having fun with your friends and being a part of something that’s bigger than you.”

Who has been an inspiration to you?

“My biggest inspiration is Shaquille O’Neal because I love the way he plays, even though I don’t play basketball. He’s a big guy and he uses every bit of his size, and he was fun to watch.”

What is your personal goal this season?

“My personal goal is to get an interception and a touchdown by the end of the year.”

What is the team looking to do this year?

“The team is looking to keep working hard and win out the rest of our games. It is likely that we will win the rest of our games if we continue to work hard at practice.”