Player Profile: Sammie Wing


Name: Sammie Wing

Grade: 9

Sport: Freshman Volleyball

Position: Setter

How long have you been playing volleyball?

“I have been playing for three years.”

What are your hopes for this season as an individual?

“My hopes this season as an individual are to get better at running different sets.”

What are your hopes this season as a team?

“My hopes for the team are to get closer and to play at our best.”

What has inspired you to play volleyball?

“Well, my friends were doing it so I thought that it would be fun to do. I wasn’t playing a sport and I was free, so volleyball seemed like a fun thing to do to fill my after-school time.”

What is your favorite part about playing volleyball?

“Being a part of a team. I think that it is fun to win together, lose together, and play together.”

Is there a song that you listen to in order to get pumped up for a game?

“A song that pumps me up is ‘Look at me’ by XXXTentacion.”