Player Profile: Ben Taylor


Name: Ben Taylor

Grade: 9

Sport: JV Soccer

Position: Center Midfielder

What is your favorite part about soccer?

“[My favorite part is that] it never stops, there are no timeouts or any stopping other than halftime. The game is always changing at a fast pace and is unpredictable [because] there really isn’t a ‘playbook’ in soccer, but a lot of creative passing and on-the-fly decisions.”

How is the team doing so far?

“[The team is doing] pretty well; you can definitely see a huge growth in overall skill since our first game.”

Who has been a key part of the team thus far?

“Matthew Mahoney has played a huge role on the team helping to shut down the other teams at center midfield and center back. He also has a great shot, scoring multiple times off of free kicks. Joe Robertson also has helped the team a ton by being our leading scorer and having a great ability to be at the right place at the right time and put the ball in the back of the net.”

What is the best part about the high school?

“All of the extracurricular activities, like soccer and marching band, are a ton of fun. Homecoming and all the crazy theme days were awesome too.”

What has the team really improved on throughout the season?

“I’d say probably our passing and possession skills are what we have really improved on and it’s definitely helped us win a lot of our games this season.”