Humans of FHC: Russell Baird


“My brother and I- my entire family, not just my brother and I- had just moved to a new house, and it was kind of by a lot of woods. We had just met our neighbors; it was our first interaction with one of their kids who was our age. We were all screwing around, just playing with sticks and stuff. I was nine years old at the time– I actually still have a mark from it. We were messing around, and my brother was very fit, very athletic. He picks up a stick about six feet long that [was] pointed at one end and hurled it with incredible accuracy about thirty feet over our new neighbors head and directly across [my face]. It hits my glasses and slides across my face, and nine-year-old me just collapses on the ground in tears. He thought I was playing so we all just kind of sat there in this situation for like three minutes, and then my mom walked over, and we all look up, and there’s just blood and tears leaking down the side of my face. Then I had to go the hospital, and they didn’t do stitches– they for some reason opted to take a special medical glue to glue my face shut. So for the next month and a half, I had to, every night, peel off the glue and apply a new layer of it. It was horribly painful.”