Player Profile: Fadi Muallem

Tommy Spaletto

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Name: Fadi Muallem

Grade: 11

Sport: Boys Varsity Soccer

When did you start playing soccer?

“When I was five or six years old.”

What is your favorite part of soccer?

“I’d say mostly the team connection [that comes with] the fact that you get to meet new people as you play the sport itself. You get to know other people’s strengths and it’s just a joy when the team scores a goal.“

How did you get into soccer?

“I watched a lot of it when I was little and my dad actually played when he was younger. I also just loved to play around with the ball [when I was younger]. “

How do you feel like the season has been going so far?

“I think that in the beginning we came in and didn’t really know each other too well. We were kind of rebuilding as a team, but our new coach Caleb Postlewait is really doing well in bringing us together and having a better team bond. “

Do you have a famous quote you live by?

“You have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe “- Eric Thomas