The girls JV volleyball team dominates against FHN 2-0

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Last night the girls JV volleyball team played against the Northern Huskies. At the beginning of the season, the Rangers played against Northern twice; once in the Battle of the Hills and in their first conference game. FHC was able to defeat the Huskies in the Battles of the Hills but not in their first conference; however, this time around the Rangers were able to dominate against the Huskies, going 2-0 on the night.

The Rangers started the match prepared for a very intense game, but they didn’t expect the game to go the way it did. In the first set, the Rangers started off slow for about the first five points, but FHC was then able to easily gain a lead. Sophomore Delaney Tucker and freshman Remmie Ingraham were two key players that helped the Rangers dominate the game with ease. Delaney had some excellent sets that Remmie was able to hit for easy points. Delaney also had some great tips over the net. The Rangers were able to win the first set 25-16.

In the second set, the Rangers started off slower again. This time, however, they were able to pick up the pace a lot quicker than they were able to in the first set. Sophomores Katie Costello and Cora Kelly worked as a power duo. Katie had some great serves in addition to setting Cora up for hits that the Huskies couldn’t return. The Rangers were able to win the second set 25-14.

The Rangers were able to rally through the match and come out on top. This win puts the Rangers’ OK White record at 6-1. On Tuesday, FHC will be facing off against Northview at Northview High School.  

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