Varsity field hockey falls to both Saline and Novi


Yesterday, the Forest Hills varsity field hockey team took the long drive to Saline high school where they would face off in two highly competitive games, one against Saline and the other against Novi.

The first game was a bit rough for Forest Hills; they ended up losing 3-0. The weather was a huge aspect of this game, as it caused a delay in the game which threw the girls off. Despite the loss, FH still put up a very good fight in the first half of the game.

The second game was played against Novi. The game started off difficult for FH, as Novi put in 1 goal almost immediately. However, FH stepped it up and fired shots into the goal which eventually tied them 1-1.

This game was brutal. Due to unsportsmanlike behavior, Novi was thrown a total of 5 yellow cards; Forest Hills was given 1. The physical toughness of the game left the Forest Hills team with a few injuries, and with that, Novi shot the ball into the goal in the last few seconds of the game, scoring and winning 2-1. 

Defense was the backbone of this game, even though FH lost. A notable performance was by FHC senior Jayden Bonsall who had some crucial plays in which she helped stop the ball.

The Forest Hills varsity field hockey team has done very well considering that this is its first season in Division 1. This was their last scheduled game, but now they will head into playoffs with a record of 7-6-2.