Player Profile: Joe Robertson


Name: Joe Robertson

Grade: 9

Sport: JV Soccer

Position: Forward

What are some team goals for the season?

“To win the rest of our games this season and to win the conference.”

Why do you play soccer?

“I play soccer because I enjoy playing the game and being part of the team. I also like the competitiveness of the sport and the speed of the game.”

What is your favorite part about FHC?

“My favorite part about FHC would be that there are so many things you can do to get involved like music, clubs, and sports. Several of my teammates – Rodrick De Oliveira, Ben Taylor, Tommy Payne, and Alex Dellinger – are in marching band with me.”

What is a key part to playing your position?

“A key part of playing forward is to put pressure on the defense so that we can force a turnover and create scoring opportunities.”

Who has been a key player on the team?

“There are several key players. Ben Taylor, Mason Corcoran, and Matt Mahoney have provided leadership and helped us improve since the beginning of the season. They are constantly making great plays on the field and helping the team become better.”