Player Profile: Haisley Turnquist


Name: Haisley Turnquist

Grade: 11

Sport: JV Golf

How long have you been playing golf?

“I have been playing golf for almost three years now. I started getting into it when I was younger, in about elementary school but started playing seriously in my freshman year of high school.”

How did you get into golf?

“I started getting into golf because of both my dad and my sister. My dad has really helped me improve my game and my sister really helps me set a great mentality. They were the first people who helped me get ready to try out freshman year and really pushed me to do my best. I owe them a lot for it.”

What’s your favorite part of being on the team?

“I love our car rides to matches together. Our team last year was a lot closer than it was this year and as a team co-captain with Katie Bethel, we’re trying to get the team a lot closer. We’re all really close with our coach and it’s great to be so close with him and to be able to go to him whenever we need anything.”

What is your inspiration for golfing?

“Watching professional golf and growing up around people who play golf. It’s a great sport and really works your mind and body. I like the friendly competition between us on the team, always aiming to score better than the others because that’s what pushes us all to do better. We all really want to make our coach, Chris Sobieck, proud and prove how hard we work and how much we want to be there.”