Gita Pita provides a taste of Greek culture at a reasonable price

Gita Pita provides a taste of Greek culture at a reasonable price

Olivia Luplow

Tucked on the corner of Fulton and Jefferson in downtown Grand Rapids, Gita Pita’s flaming orange sign stands out against the bleak, gray fall sky. As you enter, the smell of homemade bread and falafel immerses you, wrapping you up like a hug. The clear glass in the checkout line allows you to watch as your food is being made: fresh pita, chips, and tzatziki sauce.

These aren’t the only delicious items on the menu, though. Other delectable meals include chicken shawarma, gyros, Greek fries, and tabouleh. You can also add extras to your lunch or dinner with sides like Gita fries, lentil soup, basmati rice, and hummus.

The most expensive meal on the menu, steak shawarma, comes to a total of $11.49. So, if you’re looking for a taste of Greek culture without breaking the bank, Gita Pita is the place to go.  Even though the food is prepared fresh, on the spot, and by hand, the service remains remarkably fast, and the staff is friendly and chatty as they construct your meal for you.

Be careful, however, because Gita Pita is not the place to go for a date. The combination of tabbouleh, tzatziki, garlic, and onions create the perfect opportunity for a case of bad breath.

Although the restaurant is clean, the seating area is nothing special. The large windows provide opportunities for people-watching and give a pleasant view of the adjacent street. There is one TV in the back of the seating area, which is usually playing the news or a sporting event. Even though the decor is minimal, the taste and quality of the food will make you disregard this minuscule detail.

While Gita Pita is not the only restaurant in Grand Rapids that serves Greek food, I am unable to compare it to any others because I have not been to them. However, if they are anything like Gita Pita, I will definitely make a point to try them soon. These include restaurants such as Zesty Gyros on East Beltline, The Pita House in Eastown, and Mr. Gyros on Alpine.

Gita Pita is a Greek-style restaurant that provides a fun, family-friendly, clean atmosphere and delicious meals for cheap, reasonable prices. Located in downtown Grand Rapids, it is the perfect spot to stop by before heading to an event or concert. It is not, however, recommended for a date night due to its food’s heavy emphasis on garlic and onions. Overall, Gita Pita is a delicious option for a taste of greek culture.