Keeper of the Lost Cities is an enjoyable story that never fails to make me smile


Natalie Mix

Have you ever read a book that feels like home?

A book that you can go back to no matter how many other books you’ve read, and it will still be the best story you’ve heard? Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities is like that for me. I’ve read it so many times that I’ve lost count, but every time I open those pages, the enticing story pulls me back in.

Sophie Foster isn’t normal. She’s a twelve-year-old high school senior with a massive secret: she can hear the thoughts of everyone around her. It’s been her burden since she fell and hit her head seven years ago, and she’s never told anyone. But a chance encounter with a strange boy completely changes her life. She is whisked away to a new world where she finally belongs, but she must leave everything behind. And this new life isn’t completely perfect. Sophie has dangerous secrets buried in her memories– secrets that could get her killed.

At first glance, the plot may seem cliche. But once you delve deeper into the story, you find that there’s so much more than the typical story of an outcast finding their place in a magical new world. The book is rich with plot twists and intriguing mystery. The story is fascinating and never fails to leave you craving more. The writing is light-hearted and funny, full of pop-culture references and witty lines, but also evokes emotion and empathy.

Shannon Messenger’s beautifully crafted characters are a perfect example of the emotion she is so talented at conveying. Every single one of them is not only relatable, but extremely lovable. I find myself shaking my head in exasperation one moment and cheering them on the next. Throughout the series, you see each of them grow and exhibit phenomenal character development, and while romance is only a subplot, the author definitely creates a typical, cheesy love triangle, with relationships so carefully created, you’re unsure of who to root for.

Keeper of the Lost Cities is not only fast-paced, but it certainly qualifies as an easy read. The chapters are short, usually ending on a cliffhanger– some bigger than others. While the writing may not be profound, it’s full of memorable quotes, and the real charm is in the mystery and excitement of the story.

The first in an unfinished series, Keeper of the Lost Cities will take you away from this world and into another for a few wonderful hours.