Freshman volleyball earns a 2-0 win over Cedar Springs


Yesterday, the freshman volleyball team took on Cedar Springs at the Red Hawks’ home court and came out victorious. The serving runs were on fire, per usual, and many of the girls walked away from the game with some crucial serves that helped the team win. Freshmen Sophi Galan, Kenzie Davis, and Sammie Wing were some key players to the serving tonight which helped the team to win the game by a score of 2-0.

“It felt pretty good [to have all those serves get in],” Kenzie said. “At first I was really nervous that [the serves] wouldn’t go in, but they did.”

The second set took an equal combination of offense and defense, but one of the biggest components was communication.

“[We did really well with] communication,” Sammie said. “Compared to the beginning of the season, we’re doing much better.”

The serves in the second set were really starting to pick up for the FHC side. The girls easily found holes in Cedar Springs’ unorganized offense, which allowed a lot of points for FHC. The serving in this set eventually led the Rangers to win the second set 25-10.

The defense was on fire as well, as successful blocks put up by the front row kept the Red Hawks’ offense from scoring. Freshman Julia Carlson was one of the notable players with some much-needed and stellar blocks.

At the start of the game, FHC had a slow start. The battle between the two teams was back and forth, each team earning one point and then giving it away. The slow momentum eventually got picked up when Cedar called a timeout with the Rangers ahead 12-11. When FHC came back onto the court after the timeout, there was a completely different energy that propelled them to a 25-21 victory.

“We started off slow in the first set,” Head coach Bri Tilton said. “We played slow, not our usual high, fast pace. There were little, silly errors like hitting errors and communication errors.”

The freshman volleyball team continues to dominate its conference. The team still stands with an undefeated record, adding one more win to the count making it 9-0. FHC will take on Ottawa Hills at home on Tuesday where they look to continue the undefeated streak with more dominance in future games.

“We just took over and dominated,” Tilton said. “We ran our offense very effectively and went on some great serving runs [that helped win the game].”