Player Profile: Evan Cribbs


Name: Evan Cribbs

Grade: 10

Sport: Cross Country

What is your favorite part about cross country? 

“My favorite part about cross country is definitely the great people I get to meet through the sport.”

Why did you join cross country? 

“I joined cross country to improve my running and get stronger.”

What is your favorite memory?

“My favorite memory was last year when we participated in the Rootbeer Mile. It is a fun run, where every lap you run you have to drink a whole can of root beer.”

What motivates you in cross country?

“What motivates me in cross country is trying to match or outrun Michael Lentz in our races.”

Do you think you will continue on with cross country after this year? 

“I will definitely run cross country again next year. I love the sport and the team, and I cannot imagine my fall without it.”