Player Profile: Hailee Sincerbeaux


Name: Hailee Sincerbeaux

Grade: 11

Sport: Girls swim and dive

How long have you been swimming?

“[I have been swimming] for seven years.”

Why do you swim?

“I think it is unique compared to other sports, as it uses both mental and physical strength. It is also a lot of fun.”

What do you swim?

“[I swim the] 500-yard Freestyle.”

Who has been the biggest motivation in your swimming career?

“This team has been the most inspiring aspect of my swimming career. I have never been on a team in which being an actual team was a top priority. On this team, we are a big family, which I feel is a great environment to swim in.”

What is your personal goal for this season?

“I would love to make States in my 500-yard Freestyle this year. I think that I have to control my stroke, as well as get myself into a good mindset every time I race.”

What are some team goals for this season?

“Last year we were the only team to lose only to EGR, and I believe that would be a great goal to reach again this year. Another team goal would be to keep up the positivity no matter the circumstances.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“Every day may not be good but there is always something good in every day.”

What is the best part of swimming?

“The team and the coaches are always there for support.”