Humans of FHC: Olivia Throop

“My basement is just kind of spooky. My dad collects antiques as a hobby, so in our guest bedroom in our basement, we have a bunch of old pictures of random people that are black and white. It’s very scary. Sometimes, I hear noises and footsteps coming from back there. At night, we keep our cats in the basement so they don’t scratch our doors upstairs, and sometimes, when I’m doing my homework late at night, I can hear them slamming their bodies against the door, trying to get out, and [it] seems like there’s something down there. Whenever I go down there, in the area of the guest bedroom, I always get a really eerie feeling, and I feel uncomfortable. I do not like being down there. It really wasn’t that bad when I was younger, but it was only recently that my dad got these pictures. I feel like there might’ve been something that came with the pictures. The rest of my family is not sure that there’s something there because they just don’t get that feeling. But whenever I’m down there, I hear different things and don’t feel comfortable.”


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