Player Profile: Sophia Shields


Name: Sophia Shields

Grade: 9

Sport: Volleyball

Club: Michigan Volleyball Association

Years playing: 5

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your volleyball career?

“My mom [is my inspiration] for sure. Some of my earliest memories are being in the gym watching my mom coach all of the older girls. Ever since I have shared her same interest in the sport, she has taught me what it means to be an athlete and work hard, because of her, I have been able to develop so much in this sport.”

What is your personal goal for this season? What do you think is the key to achieve this goal?

“My personal goal this season would be to develop more as an outside hitter. I hope to positively affect my team whenever I am out on the court. I will try to achieve this goal by always giving it my all. Whenever I am given the opportunity to play volleyball, I will make it my job to work hard and become a better player in the time given.”

Is there a quote you like to live your life by? If not, what is your favorite quote?

“One quote that really speaks to me is by Michael Jordan, ‘I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.’”

Talk a little about your time being apart of FHC volleyball, this year and previous years.

“I was so excited to be able to take part in our volleyball program at Central. Playing both years at the middle school was an awesome experience, so coming up to the high school, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I have been given such an amazing opportunity to play on a team with such phenomenal people and players. Every game or practice I get to attend is such a cool experience, and I mean this sincerely. I am always looking forward to the next event I get to attend with this team that I have grown so close with.”