Player Profile: Susannah Bennett


Name: Susannah Bennett

Grade: 12

Sport: Cross Country

What is your favorite part about cross country?

“I love how it’s not like one type of person, there’s just such a variety of people and [cross country] is an individual sport but also a team sport. You’re all individual but you’re running for the same team as a collective.

Why did you join cross country?

“I joined cross country because of my dad. He told me I should try running because he knew I had the potential for it. I was doing soccer at the time and he told me I should give running a try and I fell in love with running and long-distance running.”

What is your favorite memory?

“It’s hard to pick just one, but a funny memory I have was last year; we did a root beer run and everyone was just puking all over the track and it was really funny. A good memory was freshman year; we made it to states and that was the first time making states as a whole team in a while. It was really cool because I got to bond with the seniors and even if we didn’t do well it was a really cool experience.”

What motivates you in cross country?

“I run just for the joy of running, I just love to run and it motivates me to go faster and this season I went in knowing I wanted to go all-conference and be a top runner my senior year, not just fall back and be lazy. I wanted to end this season really well heading into my college career.

Where will you be running in college?

“I’m going to be running for Wheaton College.”