Varsity field hockey takes the win over Skyline 2-0 in first round of playoffs


Yesterday, the varsity field hockey team took on Skyline high school yet again this season, but this time FH won 2-0 instead of a tied game of 1-1. With a combination of aggressive offense and strong defesnse, Forest Hills was able to come out on top and keep the Skyline offense from getting into scoring formation.

The team pulled up all of the juniors from JV to helo with the playoff games; one of them left her mark on varsity and made her debut. Junior Megan Raisch fired in the first goal for FH and brought them up 1-0. Later in the game, Megan looked up the field to score again and she fired it in. The ball didn’t make it into the goal, but the Skyline defense knocked it back into their own goal, giving Forest Hills one more to make it 2-0.

The field hockey team is back on the road to states. With this win in the first round of the playoff games, they will advance to the State Quarter-Finals where they will face off to advance further in hopes of making it to the State Championship.