Player Profile: Hannah Wordhouse


Name: Hannah Wordhouse

Grade: 10

Sport: Cross Country

What is your favorite part about cross country?

“Definitely the team and the great support it provides for me all the time.”

What has been your favorite memory from this season?

“My favorite memory was probably the pizza run. It was at practice when we ran two miles, got pizza, and ran two miles back.”

What is the hardest part about cross country? 

“Trying to push yourself through those really mentally challenging days, like when the weather is really hot or really cold, or you’re just so tired, you have to keep pushing yourself through the pain.”

Why did you join cross country?

“[I joined] because I really like to run, and running helps with stress and helps me to relax.”

Who has been the biggest inspiration for you in cross country? 

“I think that my inspiration for cross country came from the senior last year, Hannah Anderson, she was always supportive and caring and always tried really hard.”