Sutton Steensma

Name: Sutton Steensma

Grade: 12

Role: Aunt Bea

1. What are you most excited about?

“The most exciting part has definitely been the process of putting the show together. Seeing everyone grow in their character is such an amazing thing to watch.”

2. What makes you fit your role so well?

“What makes me fit my role so well is the fact that my character and I have identical personalities. In all of the shows I have been in, I have never had a character that is like me, so the fact that I get to have this close relationship with my character is really special. ”

3. What is your favorite thing about being involved in the play?

“My favorite part about being involved in the play [is] the beauty that comes out of all the hard work. We spend hours upon hours piecing together a show that is made solely from talent, and the reward of an applauding audience is the greatest gift.”

4. What is the cast dynamic and relationship like?

“The cast dynamic grows more and more every [day].”

5. What is your favorite part about your role?

“My favorite part about my role is the fun I get to have with my character. Since my role is so similar to who I am, I get to play a lot with the part.”

6. What have been some difficulties with your role or in rehearsal?

“I really have not had too many struggles since this show is easier [compared] to ones I have done in the past.”

7. How has this experience affected you and your high school experience?

“This experience and theater, in general, continue to help mold me into who I am, and [they] provide me with the most wonderful memories, friends, and life lessons.”

8. What should audiences be excited about?

“Audiences should be excited about a wholesome, family-friendly show that will take you through the sweet but also bitter moments of life.”

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