Panera Bread: Cozy Studying & Snacking

February 9, 2016

Studying at home has just become boring.  The dull lighting that brings gray skies to APES homework, the rattling of dishes being washed in the kitchen, and fighting siblings for that decent spot in the living room to study has become too ordinary and too everyday.  I needed something new and fresh to bring excitement to my studying to help me absorb my academic material in a happier environment and to make homework and studying a little more fun.  What have I discovered lately? Panera Bread does just that.

I am sure that most of us have heard the word on the street that Panera Bread recently moved locations, conveniently on 28th street less than a mile away from where they were previously located. The new location is directly across from Meijer, making it easy to find and making access to it less complicated than before.

When I first walked into Panera, I was greeted by a young, friendly face who asked me what I would like to order.  I asked for a decadent ham and swiss cheese panini on whole wheat. The barista handed me my order number stand and I sat down with friends at a table across from Panera Bread’s gas fire, a new addition to the dining area, as we waited for our meals.

It only took about five minutes for my panini to be served.  I must say that I was very pleased with how it was put together, as well as the panini itself.  The ratio of cheese to ham as well as the bread hit just the right to spot to satisfy my comfort food craving.  The way the warmth of my panini sat in my stomach after I swallowed each bite was extremely satisfying, and I look forward to having a second one in the near future.

After finishing my panini and studying for about an hour, I decided to order one of Panera Bread’s Double Fudge Brownies.  This particular brownie was very simplistic, yet very delicious.  The Double Fudge Brownie was composed of very rich chocolate batter and topped with an extra sweet, chocolaty glaze frosting.  The brownie was a perfect concoction and just the right size to settle my sweet tooth and my chocolate craving.  

As far as the atmosphere of Panera Bread goes, it is the perfect spot for studying.  Panera Bread provides a warm, welcoming environment that is colored in tones of brown, yellow, and red.  I have taken advantage of Panera’s space many times for studying because I find it a very calm, peaceful place to be. Their new location provides much more space than the previous location in the dining hall, allowing its customers lot of choices in terms of where to sit.

My only complaint with choosing Panera Bread as a study lounge would be the amount of people that choose to have dinner there after 6:00 p.m. However, it is my own fault for choosing to dine there at rush hour. And with the right materials to keep one focused on studying at a place like Panera at such a busy time, it is most definitely doable.  

To conclude my reflections on my time spent at Panera Bread, I recommend this comforting environment for anyone who is looking for a go-to serenity that provides soups, salads, and sandwiches as well as a place to chill with friends and study on a Sunday afternoon.  

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