For all students, there comes a day when they walk out of FHC never to return as a student again. Every time they step foot in school after will involve signing the guest list and carrying a guest pass.

Some students make that voyage out of high school confidently; they know what direction their life is headed in and can stride forward with ease. For others, that step out of FHC is clouded by confusion and uncertainty. For them, it’s a time of seemingly endless wandering, hoping to stumble upon some sort of path.

No matter which type of student a person is, everyone ends up somewhere.

Whether in New York working for a German tech company, in California assisting the creation of self-driving cars, or even still in college, no one walks out of high school and disappears.

For the next two weeks, The Central Trend will be doing a series on FHC Grads and where they are now. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, FHC alumni are doing some amazing things, so keep an eye out for installments on their fascinating achievements.

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