The Crimson Dolls is FHC’s unofficial band


Within our halls lies The Crimsons Dolls, FHC  hidden band.

Olivia Williams, the drummer, Katie Basher, guitarist, Kai’Enna Tucker, the bass player, and Gabby Mastaw (who does not go to this school.) came together in last year in April. Olivia, the ring man of starting the band, asked Katie and Kai’Enna whether or not they would want to join.

“I got really into bands,” Olivia said, “and I saw them and I saw how much fun they were having and I was like I wanna do that, and so I did.”

They chose Crimson Dolls because Olivia’s favorite color is red and Kai’Enna was really into rag dolls. Combining it gave the band a punk rock edge. Kai’Enna even designed them a mascot. A rag doll that she found herself addicted to drawing.

“It was something I started drawing and I couldn’t stop,” Kai’Enna said.

The Crimson Dolls have even started to work on music.

“Mostly it’s Olivia and Kai’Enna write lyrics and me writing the lead guitar rhythm a bass part and any other part we will need,” Katie said. “I was raised on music theory cause my mom was an opera singer and music major.

Their inspiration for writing music comes from Olivia’s love for bands and what they create.

“We get inspiration from what we take from music Like the band Waterparks is one of my favorite bands so I take some inspiration from them,” Olivia said. “I pull out a little Fall Out Boy, but I try to stay away as much as possible because I don’t wanna copy them.”

But with ever band comes struggle. Most struggles the young band faced have been minor problems; Scheduling, focusing, and learning/syncing sound. One major struggle was Katie learning guitar.

“I never intended to play guitar, and Olivia said you can play the ukulele right, and I’m like yeah I can do that fairly well,” Katie said, “and she said that’s completely transferable to the guitar which they are not at all related.”

The band hopes to continue playing and having fun with the music. Not only are they a band they are close friends.

“Although we might not always agree the band definitely brings us closer together,” Katie said.