Macho Volleyball 2016

Breezy Wetherbee, Staff Writer

On Monday night, the FHC gym, which is usually occupied with seasoned athletes, was instead filled with guys playing a sport most commonly know for women, wearing short shorts and an assortment of colored headbands.  A scene like this can only denote one thing: macho volleyball.  

The rivalry between the juniors and seniors is a longstanding one, so the excitement of the players before the match was nearly tangible. The competition was stiff. Before the first match began, both teams, each made up of around 20 players, huddled up on their respective sides, jumping and trying to out-cheer the other.  

“The music was playing and it was super hype,” junior Sean Wing said.  “Once I got into the game, all the students were yelling and it was super fun.”

The first point was for the seniors.  Following that, the juniors went on an 8-point streak with junior Kyle Pierce serving, and continued to dominate until the seniors were able to tie it up. The game then went back and forth until the seniors were able to win the first set.  

As the second set began, and a new batch of players were in the lineup.  This game was rather even at first, as both teams stayed within 1 to 2 points of each other. But after a hard fought game, the score was 24 to 23 in favor of the juniors. A feeling of anxiousness washed over both the junior and senior student sections, each side hoping for a win. As both sides looked on, the ball flew over the net and was originally called a junior point. However, it was determined that a junior had inadvertently touched the net, therefore making the score deadlocked at 24.  

Everyone took a deep breath and didn’t release it until the seniors had gotten the next point. The score was now 25-24; one more point and the class of 2016 would be victorious for the second year in a row.  As the ball was served, a quiet nervousness hushed both student sections.  The ball went flying over the net, hit the ground on the junior side, and it was all over.  The seniors were once again the winners.

The height and agility of the junior team was a great asset. But nothing could beat the experience of the seniors. It was a hard fought battle, both teams displaying great sportsmanship. However, nothing was going to get in the way of the graduating class of 2016.