The Definition of Necessary is Absolutely Needed


    The Definition of Necessary is Absolutely Needed

       We all have a “need” for the newest addition trend; clothing, electronics, jewelry etc. But what if we didn’t care?

       Everyday people will run to stores and buy things just for the high. That high may be exhilarating and exciting. But soon it will be forgotten. Discarded. Shoved in a closet. Sometimes we must ask ourselves “Do I need this?”

       Minimalism is the practice of eliminating unnecessary things from our lives. It may a negative person, a stressful after-school activity, or items you have absolutely no need for. Eliminating these things gives us freedom and space to breath.

       When shopping, and you find yourself ready to dip into your money, think “Do I need this?” Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save space. To make more space go through your closet and find things you don’t wear or use. Ask yourself “What is the importance of this item, and does it have meaning to me?”

       If you ever feel obligated to a sport or job and you find yourself dreading it, ask “Do I need this?” Taking it out of your life will give you, time to de-stress, and return peace to your everyday.

       The hardest part is letting go of negative friends. People that tend to put you down or influence you to do things you didn’t want to do are people you should gently let go. Once free from the negative energy you can focus on positive the people around you. Ask yourself “Do I deserve this.”

       To take from this is to be mindful of the space around you and within you. No matter what ask yourself “Does this have meaning to me ?” And if it does keep it. But if it doesn’t, remember the definition of necessary is absolutely needed.