Kava Kasa is a place to leave everyday stresses behind


On Cherry Street in Eastown, you may find various numbers of unique stores with all sorts of different products. One of the more intriguing shops that catches the eye is the tropical cafe, Kava Kasa.

Kava Kasa is a place to escape the dreary, winter blues and experience a chilled island drink. Walking into the cafe is like entering a warm, secluded beach. The atmosphere of the place has a very earthy tone, and displays of island souvenirs can be seen around the function. The cafe is decorated with a portrait of a beautiful tree with the restaurant’s name painted across the trunk. Straw stands and tiki totems that have originated from the Pacific can also be seen there.

The cafe is set up with heightened tables and bar stools alined against the walls. There’s a central bar in the back where people can sit; orders are also made behind it. The most distinguishing feature of this place is the relaxed energy. There wasn’t anyone rushing to the cafe, as it does stay open until 2 a.m. Due to this, the order didn’t take too long to make. The service was great, even with only one employee serving me.

I ordered the Single Everyday Kava flavored with cinnamon and almond milk. The Everyday Kava is a common starter drink for beginners, and even with it being a starter drink, I couldn’t finish it. The tea is not easy to consume. It is a root tea, after all, and it tastes like dirt. But, the health benefits completely outweigh the bitterness. It also reduces insomnia, heightens attention, and relieves pain and tension.

Kava is a cold drink designed to be a safe way to relieve stress and anxiety. The tea is made with an extract that is made from Piper methysticum, a plant from the South Pacific.

The bowl is decorated with beige colors and distinctive patterns. It’s served with a slice of pineapple on the side of the bowl, waiting to clean your palate after the tea. A single spoon is also dished with the bowl to make sure you don’t chug the drink. Chugging the drink could result in sickness, and this can be anticipated from the tea’s anesthetic properties.

The tea, as mentioned before, is a relaxer and numbs the tongue. I took a couple of sips of the tea before my friend asked if I felt the numbness, which I did right after the question. It’s scary at first, but you sink into it after a while. I’m sure if you go there often and get used to the drink, its an acquired taste.

Kava Kasa is an amazing cafe, full of the history of the Southern Pacific, while also keeping health in mind. Although it does take time to get used to the taste of kava, it will benefit you in the end. It’s safe to say that I will be visiting the welcoming cafe in the future.