A love letter to…


Dear my favorite food,

Potatoes, I love you. Your versatility calls to me, and I make sure to seize every opportunity that I have to eat you. Made into fries, chips, tots, or mashed, you are beautiful in every single way. Ever since I was young enough to chew, your starchy carbohydrates have been nourishing me at every meal. When I spot the trays filled with tater tots in the cafeteria, my heart leaps. At Thanksgiving, everyone gathers around the traditional turkey dish while I remain preoccupied with the mashed potatoes. For me, the choice is easy. It has and always will be. I choose you.


Dear my favorite shoes,

Old, white, dirty, and beat up. Stan Smiths, you are the epitome of all of these things. Together, we have survived a hike up a Colorado mountain, a muddy trip up Cannonsburg, a treacherous trek through Ada Park, and countless miles through the halls of FHC. Others may view you as “past your time;” my mom has tried to throw you away a number of times, but I still see you as perfect. Ever since you were gifted to me on Christmas of last year, each day molded you to my feet just a little bit more, and now you know me as well as a best friend.


Dear my favorite class,

Sixth hour. The Central Trend. Every other hour of my day seems to take a million years; however, last hour is never long enough. That’s why it is ironic that Mr. George’s classroom is the only one without a clock. The peaceful atmosphere that room 139 ¾ embodies allows me to take a metaphorical deep breath at end of my school day. It’s almost as if this hour isn’t a part of school as I look forward to it so heavily each day. The 41 students that gather in this room each afternoon cultivate an environment rich with creativity and spark new talents in me that I was unaware of previously. Sixth hour. I love you.


Dear my favorite jeans,

Although we may not have known each other for long, I’ve already fallen in love with you. Everything about you is perfect, from your light wash and your just-right length to the way that you match with every shirt. Every time I wear you, I feel as confident as a movie star and as beautiful as Angelina Jolie. I’m not sure how I ever lived without you before, but one thing I am sure of now is that you will remain a staple in my closet forever.