Cafe Louis has everything you could need

Cafe Louis has everything you could need

Laundry and food is a weird combination, but Cafe Louis does it well in a creative way, which actually is genius. This was not my first time here because when my family’s washer and dryer broke for three days, we couldn’t do any laundry. Anyone who does the laundry in the house knows that dirty clothes add up fast, so my mom was determined to find somewhere to do it. The typical stereotype of going to a laundry mat is that it is sketchy and usually dirty. Cafe Louis as the complete opposite.

Located off Breton in Kentwood, it has a very plain outside but a quaint and cozy inside with fireplaces and comfortable seating. The entire building has a very modern feel with the laundry parts around on the outside edges of the room and the cafe more in the middle.

The combination of laundry and food makes this the perfect place to throw in a load of clothes and then get a snack or coffee to just sit down or get some work done.

On the menu, there is a variety of food options for both breakfast and lunch, like coffee, drinks, crepes, salads, and wraps. The crepes are made fresh in front of you on a flat circle electric grill; they come out warm, making it gooey. They offer savory and sweet crepes, but I got a Nutella crepe with strawberries and whipped cream and an apple cinnamon crepe. It was delicious because how can you mess up Nutella? The apple one was also very good; it was like apple pie filling inside a warm thin crepe. Crepes aren’t very flavorful because of their pancake bread taste, but Cafe Louis’ are gluten-free and dairy-free, so they are thinner than most other crepes.

Overall, Cafe Louis is a great combination of laundry, food, and a study area. Most likely, you won’t be going there to do laundry, but the free wifi and comfortable lounge area make it a great place to study. Also, the food will give you the fuel to power through your to-do list.

If you do bring laundry, there are lots of machines and even a folding service if you don’t want to fold your clothes. There’s also no need to scrounge for a bunch of coins to put into the laundry machine; you can use a credit card and put money onto a laundry card. So, head on over to Cafe Louis for a variety of needs.