New Holland Brewing Company is a new look on your average meals


You won’t be able to miss the glowing, orange building located on Bridge Street in downtown Holland. My eyes opened wide as I entered the New Holland Brewing Company. It presented a fresh perspective, including modern decor and an immense, welcoming atmosphere.

The chatter that filled the building made it an exciting place to be. There were countless seating areas accompanied by kids and adults. The variety of people warmed the environment, making me feel at home.

Not only do the customers create a delightful mood, but the employees also treated us with a great amount of respect. They were always checking up on us, making sure everything was perfect like a mother would when you’re sick.

As I was seated, the generous waiters placed replete menus on the table. It consisted of traditional foods; however, the chefs put their own twists on average meals to produce the best food possible. A great amount of lunch and dinner choices poured off the menus. All of the intriguing options made me overwhelmed but excited to order.  

After I order their grilled cheese, I expected a simple meal but what I received was far from simple. The waitress placed a steamy plate in front of me, and the rich, cheesy smell took over my nose. Two large slices of bread and a red bowl of tomato sauce devoured my plate. Just by gazing at the food, I knew I was going to be satisfied with my meal.

Taking my first bite, the crunchy bread and melted cheese left an exceptional taste in my mouth. My taste buds were going through a rollercoaster of excitement. The high quality of the food made it tempting to eat more. The amount of food was perfectly proportioned, and the meal exceeded my expectations.

As well as an excellent meal, the prices were very affordable. For the well-cooked and quality food, nobody left unsatisfied. Since everyone’s meal was priced reasonably, it made it more enjoyable. Being able to leave with a full stomach and in a state of rapturous excitement is what differs this restaurant from others.

The Holland Brewing Company is overall an excellent experience. Their scrumptious foods and astounding interior designs did not disappoint. Next time you’re looking for a new approach to average meals, I recommend going downtown to the bright orange and black building– you won’t regret it.