My plan after high school


Now is the time that seniors will start to receive college letters of deferral, denial, and acceptance. This processes from now to late spring can be exciting, nerve-racking, and crushing, all dependent on what the answer is.

For myself and my friends, the college we checked for news from every day was Michigan State University. Every morning before school, we would sit in my car and check our application portals. Until November 21, the application would say, “Thank you for applying, your application is under review.” But, on this particular morning, three out of the four of us saw a new message on our screen.

“Congratulations on your acceptance to Michigan State University.”

I have already been accepted to Ole Miss and am waiting on two other schools, but seeing that I got accepted to MSU was a completely different feeling since MSU is a top choice. There were lots of happy screams, cheers, and congratulation texts from family and friends.

Our plan is to have the four of us all room together next fall at MSU, and we have already talked about exciting things like how we will decorate our dorm and all the clothes we will bring and share like sisters. Also, how every morning will be like how it is when we hang out together on the weekend: laying in bed together, waking up together, watching movies, and binge-eating late at night. We have it all planned out in our heads.

One of my friends is still waiting on her acceptance, but we have high hopes she will be accepted in the next wave of letters that go out. Even though she did not get it at the same time as we did, she was still excited for us because that is what a good friend does.

Not everyone goes to college after high school, so this isn’t a process that all kids will go through, but a majority will. This time is a mixed bag of emotions for everyone; these letters will shape the next chapter of our lives depending on what they say or where we choose to go based on them.

But for myself, I am happy to have been accepted to MSU and can’t wait to be there with my best friends next fall.