Player Profile: Xavier Ott


Name: Xavier Ott

Grade: 10

Sport: Ice Hockey

How long have you been playing hockey?

“I’ve played hockey for 13 years.”

How do you feel about the season so far?

“Our season has been going pretty well so far. We’ve been working hard and it’s paying off.”

What is your favorite thing about hockey?

“My favorite part about playing hockey is the friendships you make with your teammates.”

How did you get into hockey originally?

“My dad took me skating when I was two, and I’ve just kept playing since.”

What is your favorite part of being on this team?

“My favorite part about playing on this team is that I get to represent my school.”

Who is an inspiration to you in your sport?

“My inspiration is Wayne Gretzky because he always gave 100% out on the ice.”

What is your most memorable experience from hockey?

“My most memorable memory from playing hockey is from Peewees when my team made it all the way to States.”