Player Profile: Brandon Weiskopf


Name: Brandon Weiskopf

Grade: 11

Sport: Wrestling

Weight class: HWT (Heavyweights)

Four fun facts about Brandon:

  • One of the team leaders
  • Loves helping people get better
  • Works hard
  • Easy to make friends with

How long have you been wrestling?

“[I’ve been wrestling] for 6-7 years”

Why did you start wrestling in the first place?

“A big part was to stay in shape, but I love being a part of a team and really showing what you can do when it’s your chance. A lot of my inspiration came from last year’s seniors; they took me under their wing and showed me things that others didn’t know and I would always have to keep at their pace, so that really set everything up.”

What is your favorite wrestling memory?

“My first high school win; I pinned the kid in the first 30 seconds.”

How has wrestling impacted your life?

“It has taught me discipline and respect, all while getting someone down as fast as possible.”

Do you have any goals for the season?

“[My goal is to] lead the team and go more than 9-3.”