Kali Uchis new single “Just a Stranger” holds the same unique and personal atmosphere as her “Isolation” album


Discovering Kali Uchis was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My love for the artist all started a couple of weeks ago when my friend invited me to a concert that was meant to celebrate her birthday. The artist, of course, was Kali Uchis performing her album Isolation.

The concert did not fail to impress, from her vocals that completely matched her songs to the lights and visuals. The performance was for sure something I would never forget.

I vaguely knew Uchis from her song “After The Storm” which featured Tyler the Creator, another artist that I enjoy, so I was comfortable listening to that song. That song will forever be engraved in my mind for the message it brings, the retro beat, and because I’ve had it on repeat for as long as I can remember.

As I often do, I procrastinated on listening to the album; but when her new single “Just a Stranger” was released on October 30th, it snapped me back. She was advertised on every type of social media, and it was hard to ignore. So eventually, I listened to it. I got flashbacks from that first song I listened to.

The starting of the song is very chill, but the beat kicks in after a few seconds. The bass in the song is probably one of my favorite things about her songs, but that might just be me and my secret love for the instrument. It’s a very catchy song, one that easily gets stuck in your head.

Of course, with my interest piqued after listening to these songs, I started from the very beginning of Isolation, with the song “Body Language.” It starts out to what feels like water dripping; the song slowly gets warmer, easing into a tropical-like rhythm. Whenever I listen to it, I just want to get up and dance. She brings lots of Columbian elements into her song.

In the next song I listened to, “Feel Like A Fool,” listeners’ discretion is advised, as it is explicit. It brings little jazz elements with brass and piano; the beat is very funky despite the heartbreaking themes of rejection and cheating diffusing throughout the song. The lyrics, as always, are well thought out and full of heart.

“Tyrant” is a post-apocalyptic love song that stays with the same theme Uchis is going for. The song is still catchy and has the same vibe of low soft tunes.

The thing I love most about the album is the whole vision behind it. In order to make this artwork, she isolated herself from her peer musicians and brought her own mixture of what she loved, and I think that’s a true passion for your own art.

She also gained quite a following from the album, which is super encouraging to those who want to pursue music as their career.

I couldn’t be happier that I found Kali, and I can’t wait to see what she does with her new music.