Humans of FHC: Jay Gootjes


“I’m just working on a Film Photography [class] project. So, you take pictures of random things that represent you, and we’re going to compile them into a photoshopped mask. This one’s of my cat, and the rest of them are mostly of things in the woods. I live in the woods, [and I took those pictures there]. I like the forest pictures because I’ve always really liked nature, and I chose my cat for a picture because I love my cat. His name is Tito.

It’s a pretty fun project for me, and I am excited to finish it. I’m taking classes at Kendall [College of Art and Design] over the summer. I don’t really do photography that much; I like drawing and painting better, more specifically drawing. I plan to switch back to drawing next semester, but photography taught me the realism aspect of drawing because you take pictures.”