Boys freshman basketball team falls to Grandville 55-47


After being out-shot in the fourth quarter, the boys freshman basketball team fell to Grandville 55-47. The boys fought hard and held the Bulldogs to a very close game until the last few minutes.

Freshman Jacob Bonnet fought through adversity and looked like a true captain on the court, leading the team with 14 points. Jacob gave the team some momentum, and the Rangers managed to stay with their opponent in the first half.

The Bulldogs came out clashing with the Rangers; the game was held within 4 points for the first 30 minutes, and both teams competed with even intensity. The Bulldogs made numerous shots and great plays, but the Rangers answered back with just as many. The first half ended with the Bulldogs on top 25-23.

The second half was much like the first, with back-and-forth battles scattered throughout. Freshman Benny Scholler hit some clutch shots and was the second leading scorer on the team with 13 points. He was a big factor in the game, and he allowed the Rangers to stay with the Bulldogs.

The end of the game was incredibly close until the last few minutes, when Grandville managed to hit some shots late in the game that closed it out for a Bulldog victory. 

This was a tough loss for the team, but the Rangers hope to come out stronger for their next game on the road against the Hawks of Forest Hills Eastern. This game will take place on Thursday and is a much-needed win for the 1-2 Rangers.